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The UpsStanding Desk is a wooden construct that turns any normal desk into a standing desk. It’s height-adjustable and packs flat for easy transport. Such a great idea! I wish they offered int’l shipping. Back their Kickstarter project and grab one for just $200.

This guy is better at sandboxing than you.

Photo by Justin Kemp, via BP

This beautiful portrait and interview with Joachim Sauter, a successful German media artist, designer and Professor at the Universität der Künste Berlin, makes me miss Berlin really badly. Luckily, I’ll be visiting in the first 2 weeks of June! :)

Photos by FvF, one of my all-time favourite websites.

Really enjoyed these photos of Washington DC-based coworking studio Canvas. Lovely mix of colours, plain black surfaces and natural materials to create a warm working environment.

Design by Wingate Hughes Architects, photos by Angie Seckinger, via Officesnapshots

Really enjoying the unpretentious and colourful interior design of the Davies Meyer offices, a digital agency in my second-favourite city in Germany, Hamburg. (I think Berlin will always be on top of my list). It’s great to see a German design company not taking itself too seriously and having a bit of fun — at least in regards to their work environment.

Photos by Tobias Bergunde Fotografie, via Office Snapshots.

Online gaming company Aeria Games moved their offices into one awesome, industrial looking warehouse in one of my favourite cities, Berlin. I love this really basic interior look with lots of natural light and materials.

Photos by Kompe Images | Michael Kompe Photography, via Officesnapshots

The new Adobe campus in Lehi, Utah, USA, is a monster of an office building, but they did pretty well in using the gigantic space in an interesting, colourful way:

We were able to commission a variety of artists, including Mike Giant and El Mac, who created a 75-foot spray paint mural. We also had floor-to-ceiling swatches from Pantone to add color. It was a unique opportunity to engage customers of the brand to help design the space, and throughout the space you can see how Adobe’s products empower artists to express their creativity. (…)

The Atrium links every workplace and amenity, one to the other, while connecting to the landforms and landscapes that define the site. Emblematic of Adobe’s commitment to transparency and connection, the Atrium acts as an all-hands space, town center, festival area, and place of quiet reflection with views of the mountains to the South. Spaces for work, play, exercise and eating are arranged strategically around the Atrium to facilitate interaction and a strong sense of community.

via Officesnapshots, Interior Design by Rapt Studio, Architecture by WRNS Studio, Photography by Eric Laignel

Lots of impressive new photos and some really interesting details on the new Facebook campus are emerging. As Office Snapshots reports:

All employee workstations are equipped with manually height-adjustable desks by default, and mechanically adjustable ones upon request. Herman Miller’s classic Aeron chairs provide the majority of seating. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, is located at one of the open plan workstations provided for all employees. He does, however, get the added benefit of a personal conference room. (…)

One aspect of the campus I was struck by was the degree to which self-expression was built into company culture. Facebook has an artist in residency program that gives an outlet for new artists to contribute pieces. Employees are also encouraged to create their own art, and have also been provided numerous walls which allow them to scrawl messages to one another.

You can find more photos and read the entire article here.

Design: Gensler — Photography: Jasper Sanidad

If you are a fan of the combination of wood, leather and technology, it’s very likely that you’ll instantly fall in love with the UBIQUITOUS office. Now excuse me, I’m off to find whisky and a cigar…

The sexier-than-you-think Quicken Loans

Office Snapshots writes: “Quicken Loans has moved 6000 team members to Downtown Detroit since August 2010. The goal? To revitalize Detroit into a vibrant and energetic tech hub. The company has purchased a total of nine buildings, which each have a different look and feel. But for the purposes of today’s tour, we get to see three – The M@dison Building, The Chase Building, and the Compuware Building:”

I was surprised to see such a “boring” product/company being quite innovative when it comes to their workplace. And I had no idea they employ a workforce of more than 6000 people! My favourite part has to be the basketball court:

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