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Happy launch day, everyone! Issue No8 is now available for purchase.

An email with more details just went out to all readers (spam folder?). If you are a subscriber, you can check your subscription status here.

Shipping will start this Friday and extends all the way to Monday (see shipping times).

With close to 50,000 words, it’s probably our densest issue yet. And again, I’m really stoked about the exceptional line-up of individuals who share their experience with technology, the web and the community behind them. I’m also proud to say that this issue includes the most diverse group of contributors so far, featuring personal stories from underrepresented places like Rwanda, Syria and the Bahamas.

Be quick, get your order in today to be included in our first mail-out this Friday!

I’m still in the editing phase of the upcoming issue No8, but it’s time to give a shout-out to our beloved, generous sponsors that make everything possible. As always, they deserve a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us, so please take a minute and quickly thank them with a simple tweet or say ‘Thanks’ the next time you bump into one of their team members at a conference.

Steven from the awesome Stack Magazines has done a great little video review of issue No7.

Clearing Stock

I’m getting rid of some remaining stock at our Berlin warehouse. Order between now and this Thursday, 10am (CET) to get one of the above posters FREE with any order. You can specify which one you would like by replying to your order confirmation email. Otherwise, I’ll randomly add one of the two to your order. (As long as stock lasts!)

For those interested in purchasing one, you can still do so through these direct checkout links (shipping included):

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Some specs about the posters:

  • 42.0 × 59.4 cm / 16.53 × 23.38 in
  • 120g/m² uncoated, premium recycling paper
  • folded twice to DIN A4 size
  • shipped in an envelope (free)

Finally got some decent shots of issue No7 taken. You can view more in our Flickr pool or download them from our media folder for use on your site.

Details on this issue here, buy a copy here.

Photos by Harald Völkl

Open for Submissions

In the past I’ve relied on my own network of contacts and contacts’ contacts to find interesting content and contributors. I occasionally get emails with suggestions and ideas, but once I filter out the self-promoting bulk of it, I’m usually left with very mixed quality results. Still, I’m willing to try out a call for submission to see if we can dig up some great stories and inspiring folks I would otherwise not come across.

So, if you are interested in writing a piece or have a friend, colleague, or idol whose story you’d like to see in an issue, please read through the following info before submitting your suggestions below.

  1. Essay/Opinion Piece — I’m always looking for introspective, personal articles with a unique opinion and thought-provoking idea. Your piece can go as far off topic as you like, but eventually it has to relate back to technology, the web, and our digital lifestyle. If you like to write for Offscreen, please include a few reference links to previous articles and describe the topic you’d like to write about.
  2. Interview — Over time I’ve been accumulating a long list of potential interviewees. If you have interview suggestions, please explain why their story is worth telling, and if possible, offer an introduction. Note that simply listing a few big names (Mark Zuckerberg, Ev Williams, etc.) isn’t very helpful. I’m especially looking for inspiring folks not based in the usual tech-hubs like SFO or NYC, and I’m also always short of female contributors.
  3. Profile — The profiles in Offscreen feature individuals and companies with a unique take on creativity, problem-solving and business. They don’t necessarily have to be in the web design/development field directly. I’m looking for anything refreshing and inspiring that is only possible because of the web and our technological advances. If you, your business, or a contact of yours tick these boxes, feel free to recommend yourself/them by telling me in a few short sentences why it’s worth featuring you/them. Note that this involves quite a bit work on your/their behalf too (photos, writing).

Please keep your emails concise. Although I try to reply to all emails, sometimes I just can’t get to every single one. Know that I appreciate your suggestions nevertheless.

PR folks with standard cheesy press releases: my spam folder loves you!

Please send your submissions (and only those) to the following email address.

For all other enquiries please go here.

Issue No7 is out now! You can buy your copy here or check whether your existing subscription covers it here. We’ll start shipping as early as tomorrow.

As announced in September last year, this issue marks a subtle redirection in terms of editorial and design as my editor’s note in the issue will explain. These changes are still quite subtle and will evolve further in upcoming issues.

Right now, most of you will probably only notice the visual refresh. I understand that not all of you will appreciate the break with the old, and that’s totally acceptable. If Offscreen feels different and unfamiliar, please give it some time and check out the physical copy of the magazine first, before making a judgement call.

As I mention in the magazine’s editor’s note, though the changes are subtle I started the layout process from scratch, editing and designing a ‘new’ magazine within just three or so months. Naturally, there will be things that need ironing out over future issues.

The biggest of those visual updates is the typography. After much consideration, I decided to drop the beautiful Calluna and replace it with not just one, but two new faces: Tiempos by Klim and Adelle Sans by Type Together. I will soon publish a separate blog post about the magazine’s typography — there is a lot that goes into picking the right type.

For now, I’d like to leave you with the exciting feeling of anticipation for receiving your copy in the mail soon. And of course, I very much appreciate any help in spreading the word about issue No7.

Thanks for being part of the Offscreen community. Enjoy!

With the launch of issue No7 next Tuesday, the Offscreen website will be getting a fresh coat of paint and a couple of new features. We’re already making the most important one of those features available today: you can now update your shipping address of previous orders and subscriptions yourself with a few simple clicks.

Just go to and enter the email address you used for your purchase and your order ID (see your email receipt). Once logged in, you can view your entire order history and update your shipping address if necessary.

We made this process secure (of course) and as easy as possible. In order to avoid having to sign up for yet another account that requires a password, we simply send you a unique URL to your email address on request. Through this link you can then unlock your address details for 30 minutes and are able to change your shipping details. Once the time is up, the editing interface locks itself automatically. Of course, this process is optimised for mobile, too.

If you do encounter any problems, please let me know. I hope this makes managing your Offscreen subscription and keeping your details up-to-date easier in the future.

PS: this is also a sneak preview of some of the design changes I’m introducing with the upcoming issue.

In June 2013 I flew over to San Diego to give one of my first official conference talks on the making of Offscreen at Valio Con (read my short review here). I’ve given the same or slightly altered talk a few times since then. If you haven’t seen it, you can now watch it here.

Drew just uploaded all the 2013 videos to his archive site and opened up registration for the conference this year. San Diego is worth a visit, why not combine it with a laid-back and fun conference?

I’ve just launched this year’s Web Worker’s Christmas Wishlist. Make sure to stop by and spread the word for your chance to win a whole bunch of amazing gear!

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