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While still a bit expensive ($390 + shipping), the Fliike by Smiirl is a real world Like-Counter that would make a great accessory for shops and offices with an active Facebook community. I like the idea of taking something that exists purely digitally and presenting it in a more analogue way. Strange, but seeing a click turn into a mechanical flipping of a number has something exciting about it, doesn’t it?

I could have used this keychain charger/connector for my iOS devices quite often in the last few months. Definitely a handy little tool to have with you when on the road and you are almost out of battery.

via Swiss Miss

Concrete Matter is what happens when a former museum curator, an influential designer and a young entrepreneur come together to launch an online shop with the goal to “spark curiosity and wanderlust”. And they achieved that beautifully.

The three Amsterdamians Jacob, Tomas and Tim have assembled an eclectic mix of memerobilia and accessories that you’d expect to find in Indiana Jones’ study. It’s definitely not your usual office accessories, but all of their hand-picked products impart a warm, cosy feeling of familiarity, and will surely trigger a few raised eyebrows and curious conversations around the office.

I was always tempted to buy the mega-successful Elevation Dock for iPhone ever since it became a Kickstarter sensation. One thing that bothered me a little besides the long shipping/manufacturing time was the weight. I know it’s a feature not a bug, but when you are moving around a lot, carrying a chunky, heavy aluminium brick as a phone dock isn’t really ideal.

Last week I stumbled across a worthy alternative, the OCDock. A light-weight dock that sits right on the edge of your iMac/Display stand with a seemingly invisible cable running through underneath. It also seems to be positioned in the right angle for Skype/Facetime so that it can be used as a communication add-on to your screen (handsfree calling).

I’m still on my iPhone 4 right now, but when I’m returning to Australia later this year, I’ll be jumping on a new contract with an iPhone 5 and I think the OCDock will be my first investment in a dock.

Twelve South — known for pretty neat add-ons and gadgets for your beloved Mac products — has just released its latest product HiRise: a beautiful iMac (or Display) stand with a hidden storage compartment and a smart, height-adjustable shelf. Definitely on my wish list.

I recently handed down my beloved 13” Macbook Air to my girlfriend and made the decision to give the new Macbook Pro Retina a try. To summarise the switch in one word: screentastic. Looking at type on this screen is so mesmerisingly gorgeous that I’m still not sick of looking at my own website, ha!

In the midst of all the geekery and fascination about (disappearing) pixels, I completely forgot that I now own a 15 incher and so my protective sleeve needed replacing too. In the past, I was really happy with a cheap-ish sleeve I bought at Crumpler in Australia. What I liked most about it was the fact that it was thin and plain. No additional designy add-ons, zips, flaps or pockets. Just a simple sleeve to protect my laptop which I carry around in my backpack. After a bit of research I discovered that those Crumpler sleeves are not available in Europe and finding a well fitted, similar “no-frills alternative” turned out difficult.

That’s when Joli Originals crossed my path. Joli makes simple, handmade leather covers lined with brightly coloured 100% woolfelt; and there is one specifically made for the new Macbook Pro Retina. I’ve only received it today, so I can’t tell how durable it is, but the quality seems very solid and the design is just what I was looking for. What you get is high-grade Italian leather manufactured by hand in a small shop in Amsterdam. Naturally, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap: the sleeve sells for around 100 Euros.

If you are still looking for a simple, well fitted and beautiful sleeve for your new MBPr, Joli Originals might be what you are after.

If I had my own office right now I could totally see myself order a Puxxle. The adhesive pixel artwork comes in a box of single “pixels” to be assembled manually. I had a similar idea a while ago and gladly see it executed so well! Go Puxxles!

Via Smiss Miss

PuurCo is another one of those companies that manufacture irresistibly cozy and natural looking iPhone, iPad and Kindle sleeves. This one launched their new website today. Great site, even better products (from what I can tell by the looks of it).

Whenever I leave the house I check my pockets for three things: keys, wallet, iPhone. There are a few iPhone-wallet-solutions out there but this one from Mujjo looks particularly nice—and so does their website.

I’ve always been impressed by the hard graft products from what I saw on their website. They definitely know how to make their bags and accessories stand out through stunning photography. Today I had a chance to actually see one of their laptop bags in real life for the first time. I must say, my initial impression was more than confirmed: the quality seems excellent and everything has a very solid and lasting feel to it. Their products aren’t cheap but I might get myself one of their bags, once Apple releases the newest generation of Macbook Pros (hopefully within the next 3 or so months).

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