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I’ll be in Portland for one week in mid September to attend the XOXO festival, before heading to San Francisco for another week or so. After that I’m off to New York for 1.5 weeks trying to attend Brooklyn Beta (if I can score tickets) flying out on the 14th of October.

During my last trip to SFO in June, I’ve managed to squeeze in meeting a lot of kind folks and I’m hoping to do the same this time. In fact, I’m actually trying to organise giving a talk about the making of Offscreen in both San Francisco and in New York.

So far, it looks like Studiomates in New York will host me and my buddy Ryan from hello mr. We’ll both be talking about putting our magazines together — the process and the challenges of indie publishers. For exact dates and times, please follow Offscreen here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

I’d also like to give a talk in San Francisco, but have not found a location/space yet. If you know of a suitable venue and/or know a space that hosts similar, regular events, please let me know. Of course, an office or co-working space could work too. All I need is a projector and (depending on the size of the space/audience) an audio/mic setup.

UPDATE: looks like we have a space! More details closer to the end of September.

If you are into indie publishing or just want to know more about the making of Offscreen, watch this space (or Twitter/FB) for more info. If you have any other local contacts or events I should know of and meet while in town, again, please get in touch!

Either way, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you lovely people later this year!

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