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Offscreen × Watsi: our first fundraiser!


With so much love we received from you guys over the last year, it’s time to give something back. I’m happy to announce the first ever Offscreen Fundraiser!

Half of all profits of the month of March will be donated to Watsi to help them fund urgent, low-cost medical treatments for people in need around the globe. I’ve been giving to Watsi several times in the past and have never felt more confident that my dollars are having a real impact on people’s lives. Though the concept of crowd-funding for charities isn’t new, Watsi does it in a very simple, effective and, most of all, extremely transparent way.

Watsi is also a great match for Offscreen because we’re all about tech and its connection to the humanities. Watsi’s story isn’t unlike others we feature in our magazine: it comes down to a person with a passion for tech trying to solve a (serious) real world problem.

Please help me spread the word to as many people as possible. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you contribute by purchasing a copy of Offscreen or giving directly. What’s important is that we, as an industry full of problem-solvers, appreciate and support what Watsi is trying to achieve. After all, isn’t that what all of our work boils down to — making lives better?

Visit the fundraiser page, then buy a copy of Offscreen or give at Thank you!

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