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Last Thursday I was giving a presentation about the making of Offscreen at the Reading Room, a smaller satellite shop of the ever so awesome do you read me?!.

As a self-confessed introvert, speaking in front of crowds has always been nerve-wracking to me, but I’ve made a conscious decision to push myself out of my comfort zone and do more of it (this book has also been helpful). I’m discovering more and more how useful this type of face-to-face sharing can be. Last Thursday’s talk resulted in some excellent questions and interesting feedback that I’m still thinking about today.

Before launching Offscreen, I was desperately looking for resources on how to get started as an indie publisher, just to find that there isn’t all that much help out there. It was a somewhat unusual experience coming from the web which is built entirely on the idea of sharing and exploring its inner mechanics. I realised early on that it’d be immensely helpful to others if I shared my own mistakes and discoveries, as well as keeping some sort of diary. I’ve been doing so ever since launching this blog.

In June this year, I’ll be speaking at ValioCon in San Diego. It’s going to be another step towards a more open discussion about indie publishing and certainly a significant personal milestone for myself. Come join us!

Photos by Mark Kiessling (do you read me?!)

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