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What you see here is the pathetic result of an attempt to send a box of Offscreen Magazines to a stockist in Los Angeles using DHL and USPS.

"Hang on, there are no Offscreen Magazines in that box!?", you will say. That’s correct. We sent a box of magazines and our recipient received a box full of random books and a lots of loose sheets of paper.

"Maybe the box got mixed up and they received the wrong shipment!", you may suggest. Well, not really, because the box had our shipping label on it, showing our sender address and the recipient address as I entered it in our system.

"That box looks a bit damaged!", you then realise. Yep, it doesn’t only look damaged, it’s not even the box we sent. Our boxes look like the book mailers you are familiar with if you ever ordered anything from Amazon.

"So what happened there?", you then ask. That’s a good question, I say. All we know is that the box of magazines we sent got lost. Instead, our recipient received a totally different box that is also totally "kaputt". The only theory we have so far is that USPS has accidentally destroyed several boxes and then somehow put together what was left of them and stuck our label on top. Done!

I only send a small amount of boxes to the US using DHL in Germany. Once they arrive in the US, the United States Postal Service (USPS) takes over. It’s absolutely astounding to me that in a country as advanced as the US more parcels get damaged or go mysteriously missing than in any other country I send magazines to.

A box I sent in May took 4 weeks to get to Florida before it disappeared and all traces where lost. Of course, if you ask them what happened, you get standard apologies and are referred to their “recovery” department. After 8 weeks of “recovering” I then got a letter that they were unable to locate my package and got a refund of ~20% of the value of the package (even though it was ensured up to $1000!)

There are few services in the world that are as broken and as unaccountable as postal delivery services. USPS is one of the worst ones I’ve come across so far. If you can, I recommend you try to avoid the United States Postal Service like the plague.

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