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I felt the laminated cover stock and smelt the freshly printed ink, and I couldn’t wait to sit down and start reading. I did little else that night. It was 10:30 before I stopped nearly two-thirds the way through the issue. It was like a mini-vacation. No electronics (okay, I did tweet about it) and no television. Ah. A breath of fresh air. (…)

Reading Offscreen was a refreshing getaway. It completely broke down my evening ritual. Instead of catching up on unread blogs, news, or scrolling through Twitter, I was reading in-depth stories about the real people behind the tweets. I found it inspiring to hear the whole story – the ups and downs, the struggles and insecurities. (…)

The desire for balance is universal. It seems each interviewee has their methods to balance lives off screen. Most have creative outlets, others lean on family and friends, and some just stay true to their roots – not following unrealistic ideas of success. I enjoyed what each interviewee shared from their heart about their lives

You will not only enjoy Offscreen Magazine, you will be looking forward to reading the next one – like meeting with an old friend to catch up. I believe this idea, now realized in crisp, printed paper, is a much needed idea whose time has come.

I try not to let this blog become an outlet for shameless self-promotion and self-aggrandisement but Jän’s blog post about his experience with the first issue is just so heartfelt that I had to quote him here.

It’s such a humbling experience that people like him or Richard go out of their way to write about their experience with Offscreen. Thanks again!

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