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Letters to the Editor

Hey Kai & friends,

I’ve only just discovered your magazine, and wow, it has me intrigued! Also engaged, beautifully surprised and delighted at the quality of content, publication and ethos.

As digital project manager in advertising, I’m constantly questioning ‘why do we do this’ and ‘does it matter’? Reading the stories of issue 7 not only inspired me to fall in love with the industry and my team again, but opened a few avenues of thought about what I might do a bit more of extra-curricular and post life at [company name redacted]….

So thank you! Now I’m going to investigate the delicious back issues available.

Kind regards,


Love getting ‘fan mail’ (but also any type of feedback and critique). Send me your thoughts about the newest issue once you’ve received it!

Happy launch day, everyone! Issue No8 is now available for purchase.

An email with more details just went out to all readers (spam folder?). If you are a subscriber, you can check your subscription status here.

Shipping will start this Friday and extends all the way to Monday (see shipping times).

With close to 50,000 words, it’s probably our densest issue yet. And again, I’m really stoked about the exceptional line-up of individuals who share their experience with technology, the web and the community behind them. I’m also proud to say that this issue includes the most diverse group of contributors so far, featuring personal stories from underrepresented places like Rwanda, Syria and the Bahamas.

Be quick, get your order in today to be included in our first mail-out this Friday!

The last sneak peek before our launch of issue No8 tomorrow! If you haven’t done so, it’s a good time to check your order status to make sure that your subscription covers issue No8 and that your shipping address is still current.

Our friends from Freunde von Freunden have recently published a nice little interview with Nalden, the Dutch founder of WeTransfer who told us about his day-to-day life in issue No 6.

Quote from the upcoming Issue No8. Launch next week.

Quote from the upcoming Issue No8 which launches next week. .

As with the previous issue I’ve just completed my donation to the World Land Trust to help preserve threatened habitats. Sustainability is important to me. If you feel the same, go ‘buy’ some land…

Trial: Offscreen Patrons

After some hesitation about whether it would work or not and how to price it, I’ve launched the Offscreen Patron program yesterday. You can now support Offscreen with a one-off payment of $100 and have your name (or that of your company) printed in the back of an issue. These patrons slots are limited to a maximum of 25 and a third of them already sold yesterday.

If you enjoy Offscreen and would like to make a contribution that goes beyond buying your own copy, becoming a patron is a simple and subtle way to help ensure Offscreen’s financial sustainability.

This is still very much a trial and I’ll be reporting back on the results after the launch of issue No8. Stay tuned.

Our “Desktop” series features 5 inspiring workspaces every week (or so).

Photos via Blood & Champagne, Minimal Desks and others.

I’m still in the editing phase of the upcoming issue No8, but it’s time to give a shout-out to our beloved, generous sponsors that make everything possible. As always, they deserve a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us, so please take a minute and quickly thank them with a simple tweet or say ‘Thanks’ the next time you bump into one of their team members at a conference.

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